Sentence Examples with the word The Eye

All this did not bear its full fruit during the reign of the Catholic sovereigns, but by the end of the 16th century it had reduced Spain to a state of Byzantine regulation in which every kind of work had to be done under the eye and subject to the interference of a vast swarm of government officials, all ill paid, and often not paid, all therefore necessitous and corrupt.

The bows assume the form of concentric circular arcs, having their common centre on the line joining the eye of the observer to the sun.

When distant vision remains unaltered, but, owing to gradual failure of the accommodative apparatus of the eye clear vision within 8 in.

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Let us now note what is least dissimilar in these heads--namely, the two most important organs, the eye and the ear.

These had been sacred to almost a hundred generations of men, and it was difficult for the eye of faith to see them as other than absolutely infallible documents.

All that struck the eye was a strong, handsome, and fertile woman.

Usually it becomes atrophied, leaving the eye as a sessile organ upon the prae-oral region of the body FIG.

The presentation of some object of dread, for example, to the eye has or may have a double effect.

They agree with the dorsal eyes of Oncidium (Pulmonata) in the curious fact that the optic nerve penetrates the capsule of the eye and passes in front of the retinal body (fig.

If a telescope be employed there is a distinction to be observed, according as the half-covered aperture is between the eye and the ocular, or in front of the object-glass.