Sentence Examples with the word The Darling

The network of streams forming the tributaries of the Darling and Murray system give an idea of a well-watered country.

Leaving the main body of his party at Menindie on the Darling under a man named Wright, Burke, with seven men, five horses and sixteen camels, pushed on for Cooper's Creek, the understanding being that Wright should follow him in easy stages to the depot proposed to be there established.

It is from 1842 that the universal fame of Tennyson must be dated; from the time of the publication of the two volumes he ceased to be a curiosity, or the darling of an advanced clique, and took his place as the leading poet of his age in England.

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It is this tropical downpour that fills and floods the rivers flowing into Lake Eyre and those falling into the Darling on its right bank.

This is especially the case with the tributaries of the Darling on its left bank, where in seasons of great rains these rivers overspread their banks and flood the flat country for miles around and thus reach the main stream.

The expedition reached the Darling on the 25th of May 1833, and after establishing a depot at Fort Bourke, Mitchell traced the Darling southwards for 300 m.

On the west the Darling Range faces the Indian Ocean, and extends from Point D'Entrecasteaux to the Murchison river.

The chief tributaries of the Murray are the Darling and the Murrumbidgee, which is joined by the Lachlan.

It was left to the veteran explorer, Sturt, to achieve the arduous enterprise of penetrating from the Darling northward to the very centre of the continent.

This pledge he redeemed, and he is, in consequence, the darling of Persian tradition, which bestows on him the title of Gor (the wild ass), and is eloquent on his adventures in the chase and in love.