Sentence Examples with the word The Canada

The porcupine is common, but the Canada pine marten or American sable, fisher, and red fox are rare, and the black bear and grey wolf are found only in small numbers.

The several kinds of geeseincluding the Canada goose, the Arctic goose or wavey, the laughing goose, the brant and others-all breed in the northern regions, but are found in great numbers throughout the several provinces, passing north in the spring and south in the autumn.

It appears to have been originally used of various species of lynx, and is still sometimes the name of the Canada lynx.

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Though in favour of selling a portion of these lands to provide a fund for the existing needs of the Church, he secured the defeat of the proposal then before the government to dispose of the Clergy Reserves to the Canada Company.

Contemporary magazines are the Canadian Magazine (1893), the Westminster, both produced at Toronto, La Nouvelle-France (Quebec), the Canada Monthly (London, Ontario), and the University Magazine, edited by Professor Macphail, of the McGill University.

Lizar's In the Days of the Canada Company depicts the life of the early settlers.

The raven frequently remains even in the colder parts throughout the winter; these, with the Canada jay, waxwing, grosbeak and snow bunting, being the principal birds seen in Manitoba and northern districts in that season.

The eastern counties of Stormont and Glengarry, and parts of the western peninsula, had been settled by Highlanders; the Canada Company, organized in 1825 by the Scottish novelist, John Galt, had founded the town of Guelph, had cleared large tracts of land in the western peninsula, and settled thereon hundreds of the best .class of English and Scotch settlers.

Of waterfowl, the Canada goose (Branta canadensis) is naturalized to a small extent in Britain, and also, to a less degree, the Egyptian goose (Chenalopex aegyptiacus); the latter bird also occurs wild in New Zealand.

He drafted the report of the committee on education to the general conference in 1828, at which time he declined the bishopric of the Canada conference.