Sentence Examples with the word Thanked

After apologizing for the late hour, she again thanked him for a great day.

Alice Burton tearfully thanked the authorities for their prompt action.

Her looks asked him to forgive her for having dared, by Natasha's intermediacy, to remind him of his promise, and then thanked him for his love.

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Karataev thanked the Frenchman for the money and went on admiring his own work.

Count Ostermann-Tolstoy met the returning hussars, sent for Rostov, thanked him, and said he would report his gallant deed to the Emperor and would recommend him for a St. George's Cross.

The officer did not decline, but took the note quietly and thanked her.

The Emperor thanked Prince Andrew and bowed.

And, when running into more sufferable latitudes, the ship, with mild stun'sails spread, floated across the tranquil tropics, and, to all appearances, the old man's delirium seemed left behind him with the Cape Horn swells, and he came forth from his dark den into the blessed light and air; even then, when he bore that firm, collected front, however pale, and issued his calm orders once again; and his mates thanked God the direful madness was now gone; even then, Ahab, in his hidden self, raved on.

Dean thanked him, a hint of envy in his voice, and he and Winston continued their trip to the motel.

I thanked her and closed up shop for the day and left for home.