Sentence Examples with the word Thai

But the pure Laos are still distinguished by the high cheek-bones, small flat nose, oblique eyes, wide mouth, black lank hair, sparse beard, and yellow complexion of the Thai and other branches of the Mongol family.

Owing to the different circumstances which have attended their migrations, the Thai peoples have attained to varying degrees of civilization.

Although the Nil, water is abundantly charged with alluvium, the annual deposit b1 the river, except under extraordinary circumstances, is smaller thai might be supposed.

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The financial year 1862 closed with a deficit of more thai 16,000,000, which increased in 1866 to 28,840,000 on account 0 the preparations for the war against Austria.

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Of its course the Lantsan Kiang, or, as it soon becomes known among the Thai peoples inhabiting its rugged valley, the Mekong, is very little known to us.