Sentence Examples with the word Texte

Litt.-zeitung, 1908, p. 13, and in Gressmann's Altorientalische Texte and Bilder zum A.T.

Of the numerous subsequent editions, probably the best was that of Foesius (Frankfort, 1 595, 1621, Geneva, 1657), until the publication of the great works of Littre, Ouvres completes d'Hippocrate, traduction nouvelle avec le texte grec en regard, collationnee sur les manuscrits et toutes les editions, accompagnee d'une introduction, de commentaires medicaux, de variantes, et de notes philologiques (10 vols., Paris, 1839-1861), and of F.

On the Coptic fragment, which Schmidt maintains is an original constituent of these Acts, see that writer's work: Die alten Petrusakten im Zusammenhang der apokryphen Apostelliteratur nebst einem neuentdeckten Fragment, and Texte and Untersuch.

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There he collaborated with Oscar Leopold von Gebhardt in Texte and Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der altchristlichen Litteratur (1882 sqq.), an irregular periodical, containing only essays in New Testament and patristic fields.

Schmidt in Dohme's Kunst und Kiinstler des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit (Leipzig, 1877); Ouvre de Albert Diirer reproduit et publii par Amand-Durand, texte par Georges Duplessis (Paris, 1877); C. Ephrussi, A.

The leading documents are to be had in the handy and reliableKleine Texte (ed.

The very various periods named make it probable that the periodical return of the phoenix belongs only to vulgar legend, materializing what the priests knew to be symbolic. Of the birds of the heron family the gorgeous colours and plumed head spoken of by Pliny and others would be least inappropriate to the purple heron (Ardea purpurea), with which, or with the allied Ardea cinerea, it has been identified by Lepsius and Peters (Alteste Texte des Todtenbuchs, 1867, p. 51).