Sentence Examples with the word Testis

The testis t occupies a median position in the coiled visceral mass.

The ovary (o) and the testis (t) of Ectoprocta are developed on the body-wall, on the stomach, or on the funiculus.

The reproductive organs lie on the left side, near the aboral end, both ovary and testis being present in the same individual in some of the species.

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From the adjacent mesonephros cords of cells grow into the attached part of the genital ridge, or testis, as it now is, and from these the rete testis is developed.

These forms are hermaphrodite, with an ovary and testis completely separate from each other on each side of the body, each having its own duct and aperture.

The sexes are distinct, and the ovary is frequently greenish in colour, the testis red.

Recent research, however, points to these cords of the rete testis et ovarii as being derived from the coelomic epithelium instead of from the mesonephros.

There are three pairs of spermathecae situated in segments III-V, a testis in V and an ovary in VI.

The testis is single, and its duct opens with the anus, and is provided with a couple of spicules.

Each testis communicates by means of an efferent duct with a common collecting duct of its side of the body, which opens on to the exterior by means of a protrusible penis, and to which is sometimes appended a seminal vesicle.