Sentence Examples with the word Testicardines

The stomach then passes into an intestine, which in the Testicardines (Articulata) is short, finger-shaped and closed, and in the Ecardines (Inarticulata) is longer, turned back upon its first course, and ends in an anus.

The orders Atremata and Neotremata are frequently grouped together, as the sub-class Inarticulata or Ecardines - the Tretenterata of Davidson - and the orders Protremata and Telotremata, as the Articulata or Testicardines - i the Clistenterata of Davidson.

With no hinge to the shell and with an alimentary canal open at both ends, and Testicardines (Articulata), with a hinge between the dorsal and ventral valves and with no anus, was proposed by Owen and has been adopted by nearly all authors.