Sentence Examples with the word Tertia

An organist, instead of transposing a whole ton g down from the Cammerton, would for the tertia minore have to transpose a minor third.

The term tertia minore, or inferiore, is used by Praetorius to describe a low pitch, often preferred in England and the Netherlands, in Italy and in some parts of Germany.

The vowels in the words, A, E, I, 0, show the quantity and quality of the premises Barbara Celarent Darii Ferioque prioris; Cesare Camestres Festino Baroco secundi; Tertia Darapti Disamis Datisi Felapton Bocardo Ferison habet: quarta insuper addit Bramantip Camenes Dimaris Fesapo Fresison.

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In one passage he distinctly says the old organ high pitch had been a whole tone above his Cammerton, with which we shall find his tertia minore combines to make the required interval.