Sentence Examples with the word Terrae

Ex nomine itaque silo terrae nomen indiderunt.

Of the later itineraries the Descriptio terrae sanctae,, by the Dominican Burchardus de Monte Sion, enjoyed the widest vogue.

That in one of my papers writ (I cannot say in what year, but I am sure some time before I had any correspondence with Mr Oldenburg, and that's above fifteen years ago), the proportion of the forces of the planets from the sun, reciprocally duplicate of their distances from him, is expressed, and the proportion of our gravity to the moon's conatus recedendi a centro terrae is calculated, though not accurately enough.

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In the 9th Alcuin sends to Charles the Great for a copy of the earlier books (Epp. 103, Jaffe); and Dicuil gathers extracts from the pages of Pliny for his own Mensura orbis terrae (c. 825).

His publications include: Disquisitio mathematica in causam physicam figurae et magnitudinis terrae (Milan, 1751); Saggio della morale filosofia (Lugano, 1 753); Nova electricitatis theoria (Milan, 1 755); Dissertatio de motu diurno terrae (Pisa, 1758); Dissertationes variae (2 vols.

Two years later appeared his Recherches geographiques et critiques on the De Mensura Orbis Terrae of Dicuil.