Sentence Examples with the word Teraphim

Now the ephod and teraphim are constantly mentioned together (cf.

There were teraphim in David's house, and the worship of Yahweh under the image of a calf was the'state religion of the kingdom of Ephraim.

A carved image was made and set up in his private temple together with an ephod-idol and teraphim (objects used in divination, cf.

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But the combination of ephod and teraphim (as in Hos.

Like the teraphim it was part of the common stock of Hebrew cult; it is borne (rather than worn) by persons acting in a priestly character (Samuel at Shiloh, priests of Nob, David), it is part of the worship of individuals (Gideon at Ophrah), and is found in a private shrine with a lay attendant (Micah; Judg.