Sentence Examples with the word Tension

The tension melted from Gabriel's shoulders as he sat on the settee across from Andre.

There are three ways in which the antenna may be charged (i) It may be separated from the earth by a pair of spark balls which are connected respectively to the terminals of an induction coil or transformer, or other high tension generator.

The last thing Lisa wanted to do was create tension to go along with the disruption she had already made in their family routine.

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The question was thus left open, the tension between the two powers remained extreme, and war was only averted by the authority of the Grand Alliance.

Increased pressure of breath and tension of lips, harmonics could be obtained.

Memories of their nights together made him sensitive to the warmth of her skin, the tension between them.

The current is supplied at a tension of 3 to 5 volts per cell, passing through 10 or 12 in series; and it performs two distinct functions: - (1) it overcomes the chemical affinity of the aluminium oxide, (2) it overcomes the resistance of the electrolyte, heating the liquid at the same time.

He shook out his tension but felt an even heavier sense of guilt.

She squeezed by him, desperate to leave the tension of the bedroom.

She couldn't see his expression, but she felt the tension mount between them.