Sentence Examples with the word Teneriffe

Palma was conquered in 1491, and Teneriffe in 1495, by Alonzo de Lugo.

In some obsidians from Teneriffe and Lipari the whole rock consists of them, so closely packed together that they assume polygonal shapes like the cells of a honeycomb.

In Teneriffe all the land belonged to the chiefs who leased it to their subjects.

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No need, gentlemen; one moment, and I proceed.--Now, gentlemen, so suddenly perceiving the snowy whale within fifty yards of the ship--forgetful of the compact among the crew--in the excitement of the moment, the Teneriffe man had instinctively and involuntarily lifted his voice for the monster, though for some little time past it had been plainly beheld from the three sullen mast-heads.

In Teneriffe and Grand Canary the corpse was simply wrapped up in goat and sheep skins, while in other islands a resinous substance was used to preserve the body, which was then placed in a cave difficult of access, or buried under a tumulus.