Sentence Examples with the word Tendered

In January 1872 he formally tendered his resignation; and though it was refused, almost all parties disliked him, while his chief supporters - men like Remusat, Barthelemy Saint-Hilaire and Jules Simon - were men rather of the past than of the present.

In cases where the bishop himself is patron of the benefice, no presentation or petition is required to be tendered by the clerk, but the bishop having satisfied himself of the sufficiency of the clerk, collates him to the benefice and office.

So soon as the budget was passed he once more tendered his resignation, and on the 14th of July a special edition of the Imperial Gazette announced that it had been accepted by the emperor.

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In vain the king, while approving most of the decrees, tendered some cautious criticisms of the rest.

He was already particularly associated with the great territory north-west of the Ohio; for Virginia had tendered to Congress in 1781, while Jefferson was governor, a cession of her claims to it, and now in 1784 formally transferred the territory by act of Jefferson and his fellow delegates in congress: a consummation for which he had laboured from the beginning.

Laud now tendered the king's pardon, which had been granted to him in April 1643.

Prince Billow assumed the official responsibility, and tendered his resignation to the emperor, which was not accepted; but the chancellor's explanation in the Reichstag on the 10th of November showed how keenly he felt his position.

The necessity of carrying on the government of the country somehow or other had been the chief motive of his adherence to Cromwell rather than any sympathy for a republic or a military dictatorship, and his advice to Cromwell to accept the title of king was doubtless tendered with the object of giving the administration greater stability and of protecting its adherents under the Statute of Henry VII.

On the same evening that Sturdza tendered his resignation to the king (April 1899) the veteran Conservative statesman Lascar Catargiu suddenly died.

The protection of the assizes was tendered in civil matters to free tenants and refused to villeins.