Sentence Examples with the word Temporal

No wonder, then, that the Vatican, confronted by a new Italy, observed The Papacy a passive and expectant attitude, and sanctioned no jot or tittle that could infringe its rights or be Italian interpreted as a renunciation of its temporal sovereignty.

Bismarck nevertheless continued his press campaign in favor of the temporal power until, reassured by Gambettas decision to send Roustan back to Tunis to complete as minister the anti-Italian programme begun as consul, he finally instructed his organs to emphasize the common interests of Germany and Italy on the occasion of the opening of the St Gothard tunnel.

The pope had need of Frederick to defend him against the revolted Romans and to help him to recover his temporal power, which had been gravely compromised.

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The temporal courts have no knowledge of any offence known as heresy, although incidentally (e.g.

Pleurodont lizards with well-developed limbs; without temporal bony arches; postthoracic ribs united across the abdomen.

It is the union of these ideas with a hierarchical system, and with the temporal sovereignty of the head of that system in Tibet, which constitutes what is distinctively understood by the term Lamaism.

The new pontiff, although nominally upholding the claims of the temporal power, in practice attached but little importance to it.

His immediate successors, being men of humble origin and submissive character, made no pretensions to such an exalted position, but when the haughty, ambitious and energetic Nikon, who enjoyed in large measure the affection and favour of the devout Tsar Alexius, became patriarch, he took Philaret as his model, and propounded, like the popes in western Europe, the doctrine that the spiritual is higher than the temporal power, the former corresponding to the sun and the latter to the moon in the firmament.

Wundt, however, has a reason for substituting compound idea for sensation: he accepts Lotze's hypothesis of local signs, and adds a hypothesis of temporal signs.

There was no dispute as to his possessing the authority in spiritual matters necessary to impose reform and overbear the resistance which might arise; no one was better qualified than he to treat with the holders of the temporal power and obtain the support which was necessary from them.