Sentence Examples with the word Tell Her

Most of all, he wanted to tell her that he had never met a women who affected him the way she did, and he wanted to spend time with her, lots of time.

He squeezed her hand, his eyes desperately trying to tell her something.

You may send the gold pieces to your mother with my compliments; and tell her that the king will take care of both her and you.

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Please give your dear aunt teacher's and my love and tell her that we enjoyed our little visit very much indeed.

I can now tell her to go upstairs or down, out of doors or into the house, lock or unlock a door, take or bring objects, sit, stand, walk, run, lie, creep, roll, or climb.

He didn't tell her of his escalating concerns over the Shipton case, nor, surprisingly did she ask about it.

When I see Lioness I will tell her many things which will surprise her greatly.

If she was invited, it was as a guest of Alex, so he would tell her when and if he decided to go.

Something about him made her feel comfortable, or she wouldn't be sitting alone with a man dressed like the angel of death on the beach after dark, revealing secrets she didn't tell her boyfriend of two years.

She'd always been grateful to him for accepting her and her gift, but he'd always refused to tell her what exactly he was and how he seemed to be able to read her mind sometimes.