Sentence Examples with the word Telemachus

The aged Laertes is set aside; the young Telemachus does not succeed as a matter of course.

Unwilling to go, he feigned madness, ploughing a field sown with salt with an ox and an ass yoked together; but Palamedes discovered his deceit by placing his infant child Telemachus in front of the plough; Odysseus afterwards revenged himself by compassing the death of Palamedes.

According to later tradition, Telemachus became the husband of Circe and by her the father of Latinus and of a daughter Roma, afterwards the wife of Aeneas.

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Up to the time when he reaches Ithaca it moves on three distinct scenes: we follow the fortunes of Ulysses, of Telemachus on his voyage in the Peloponnesus, and of Penelope with the suitors.