Sentence Examples with the word Tear

At one isolated village the natives, who were unarmed, reported that they not unfrequently saw and heard the gorillas, which broke down the stalks of the plantains in the rear of the habitations to tear out and eat the tender heart.

Orestes and Iphigeneia fled, takini with them the image; at Delphi they met Electra, the sister of Orestes, who having heard that her brother had been sacrificed by the Tauric priestess, was about to tear out the eyes of Iphigeneia.

A small tear was left where the strap had connected to her dress in the front.

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This system shows a greater economy in the cost of carbonizing the coal, but the large outlay and the wear and tear of the mechanical appliances involved have so far prevented its very general adoption.

He wasn't sure how well Czerno was tracking her, but the Black God's men had grown daring enough to tear apart her apartment.

He cupped one cheek with his roughened hand and rubbed away a tear with his thumb.

Cynthia wiped a tear off her cheek and when she spoke, her voice didn't sound like her own.

She wiped a hand across her tear stained face, smudging an abundance of makeup.

The result, since the feudal and ecclesiastical systems had become closely interwoven, aiid the frontier between the religious and secular spheres must ever be vague and undefined, was the conflict between the spiritual and temporal powers which, for two centuries to come, was to tear Europe into warring factions (see the articles CHURCH HIsToRY; PAPACY; INVESTITURE).

Darkyn was standing beside a molten tear in the earth, flanked by seven demons that stood one and a half times the size of Gabriel, the largest man Wynn knew.