Sentence Examples with the word Teal

She fingered the small teal evening purse hanging around her wrist, where her cell phone was.

Fowls, snipe and teal thrive after importation or migration.

The ship sloshed through dark teal waters toward a crescent-shaped bay with white sands that glistened in the midday light.

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Her teal gaze was filled with sorrow rather than hope, but her vulnerability hooked him nonetheless.

He hesitated before vaulting to the ground, unable to explain the quickening of his heart or the sense that the woman's teal gaze - the color of the eyes of Karyan nobility - reminded him of the home he hadn't thought of in years.

The floors were pale stone, the walls something called latte, the furniture in light woods and cream, highlighted by teal and lemon pillows and tasteful throws.

Deidre sat down on the beach, mesmerized by the movement of the clear teal depths rushing ashore.

Flights of quail and turtle doves, as well as teal and ducks, stay long enough to afford sport.

She landed on her backside and stared at him, a familiar fury within the teal depths of her eyes.

Game birds consist of teal and wild duck, snipe, jungle fowl and peacock.