Sentence Examples with the word Tattoos

Red tattoos flashed on their bodies, indicating they were Immortals.

For a moment, she thought she saw tattoos blaze across his neck and then disappear.

Red tattoos flashed on the arms of the two Immortals in the hallway.

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The colorful tattoos on his body told stories of great battles in artful, geometric writing.

The black-haired woman had dark Mediterranean skin and tattoos down her back and across her shoulders.

Some of the tattoos of the dead still glowed, the eerie red tribal patterns punctuating the landscape.

This time, there was no mistaking the tattoos on their bodies.

Flipping on the light, she confirmed the tattoos and Rhyn.s name still circled her neck.

Three forms with glowing tattoos were moving slowly toward the road, stopping to sift through the dead bodies.

Blood covered the tattoos of his chest, and she wiped as much of it away as she could.