Sentence Examples with the word Tarsus

On the other hand, the marked resemblance of the structure of the tarsus is probably indicative of descent from nearly allied condylarthrous ancestors (see Phenacodus).

The Cydnus (Tersous or Tarsus Chai) is formed by the junction of three streams that rise in Mt.

The trapezoid and magnum of the carpus, and the cuboid and navicular of the tarsus are distinct.

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Extending from the carpus or tarsus to the digit.

In later years he was allowed by Augustus to return to Tarsus in order to remodel the constitution of the city after the degenerate democracy which had misgoverned it under Boethus.

Through it ran the great highway, between the east and the west, on which stood Tarsus on the Cydnus, Adana on the Sarus, and Mopsuestia (Missis) on the Pyramus.

At Marash, half way between Caesarea and Antioch, Baldwin, who had meanwhile wrested Tarsus from Tancred, rejoined the ranks; but he soon left the main body again, and struck eastward towards Edessa, to found a principality there.

I A), and never fuse into a complete cannon-bone;, and the navicular and cuboid bones of the tarsus are separate.

As an exegete Theodoret belongs to the Antiochene school, of which Diodorus of Tarsus and Theodore of Mopsuestia were the heads.

Navicular and cuboid bones of tarsus united.