Sentence Examples with the word Tana

Naivasha was discovered in 1883 by Gustav Adolf Fischer (1848-1886), one of the early explorers of the Tana and Masai regions, and the first to demonstrate the continuance of the rift-valley through equatorial Africa.

Somali also inhabit the coast region and considerable areas inland, as far south as the Tana river.

The arsenal, which was famous in Dante's day, received its first enlargement in 1304, when, on the design of Andrea Pisano, new building sheds and the rope walk or Tana were erected.

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Short of reaching the head of Norwegian Lyngen-fjord; then it runs south-east and north-east down the Tana and Pasis-joki, but does not reach the Artic Ocean, and 13 m.

The country between the Tana and Juba rivers now forms part of British East Africa, and in this article is not included in Somaliland.

The Tana has been navigated in a steam-launch for some 300 m.

The proposal made to Ismail by Gordon was to send an expedition to Mombasa and thence up the Tana River, but for some unexplained reason, or perhaps by mistake, the expedition was ordered to the Juba (see Col.

Adjoining the lower Tana are many backwaters, which seem to show that the course has been subject to great changes.