Sentence Examples with the word Tan

F (q sec i)' from which the values of t, x, y, i, and tan i are given by integration with respect to q, when sec i is given as a function of q by means of (51).

This light railway runs at a considerable elevation (some 700 ft.), commanding a view across the valley and lake of Tan y Bwlch.

Thick dark lashes and a deep tan intensified the blue of his eyes, and his freshly shaven face had attractive angles.

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His strong profile was masculine without being rugged, and a healthy olive tan suggested an outdoor hobby.

One road crosses the mountains to Shang Chow, and on to the Tan river, an affluent of the Han-kiang, and is thus connected with the trade of the Yangtsze-kiang; and another leads to Han-chung Fu and Sze-ch'uen.

The double tan larities - gent or inflection; gent; arising as follows: 1.

If the semi-angular aperture (w) be T 36, and tan 0' might be as great as four millions before the error of phase would reach 4X.

As he spoke, he peeled off his shirt to reveal a whip-like, muscular upper body coated by a thin layer of tan skin.

In the central and southern parts of the belt oak and hickory constitute valuable hard woods, and certain varieties of the former furnish quantities of tan bark.

A young man in a tan jacket waited at the foot of the stairs looking ill at ease.