Sentence Examples with the word Tammy

One evening, close to suppertime, Lisa, Tammy and Sarah were lounging around the pool.

Whatever his thoughts, they were interrupted when Tammy sped into his arms like a bullet.

Back in his arms, Tammy leaned forward with her nose on his, looking into his eyes.

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The movement caught Giddon's attention and he glanced from Tammy to Lisa with a puzzled expression.

One evening, when Tammy was in bed and the three of them were relaxing in the family room, the telephone rang.

On these occasions she took Tammy with her, and Lisa was left to enjoy her precious solitude.

Lisa turned her face away and hoped Tammy didn't notice her shoulders shaking as she laughed silently.

Sarah made an excuse of putting Tammy down for a nap and left them alone.

The way it worked out, I had a sitter, mom had help and Tammy had a companion.

It was a romantic idea, but she hadn't been there long enough to mean that much to either Tammy or Sarah.