Sentence Examples with the word Talal

He recalled his mother, her heavy features nonetheless made beautiful by her radiant smile as she swung a waist-high Talal around.

And then both Gage and Talal had cornered her that morning with news that made her wish she was more like Evelyn.

A brisk nod, and Talal stepped away, waiting.

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D'Ryn sighed, and Talal whispered to the eldest sister.

He understood better the tension between Ne'Rin and nishani after several hesitant stories from Talal of their discussions.

He looked at the younger woman hard, and Talal apologized quietly.

He gave Talal a short bow she took as dismissal, then waited for her to pad out of sight.

Though tolerant in religion, Talal was careful to avoid the suspicion of lukewarmness towards the Wahhabi formulas.

Kiera watched Talal smile and bob another bow.

She hesitated, but Talal entered and reappeared several moments later with a small bowl of water.