Sentence Examples with the word Tai

He was accompanied by many of his disciples; and as they passed by the Tai Mountain, an incident occurred which may be narrated as a specimen of the way in which he communicated to them his lessons.

He started his Tai Chi routine, focusing externally while the night filled his heightened senses.

Except at its main entrance, through the valley of the Yellowstone on the N., the park is entirely surrounded by national forests: the Gallatin and Absaroka national forests, on the N.; the Shoshone and the Beartooth, on the E.; the Teton, on the S.; and the Tai ghee, the Madison and the Gallatin, on the W.

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The meanings of the monosyllables were differentiated, as in the other Tai languages and in Chinese, by a system of tones, but these were rarely indicated in writing, and the tradition regarding them is lost.

Its real history commences with Srong Tsan Gampo, who was born a little after 600 A.D., and who is said in the Chinese chronicles to have entered, in 634, into diplomatic relationship with Tai Tsung, one of the emperors of the Tang dynasty.

The Ahom language is the oldest member of the Tai branch of the Siamese-Chinese linguistic family of which we have any record.

The Ahoms, together with the Shans of Burma and Eastern China and the Siamese, were members of the Tai race.