Sentence Examples with the word Taenia

In the Taenia solium it takes 3 to 3z months from the time of ingestion of the embryo to the passage of the matured segments, but in the Taenia saginata the time is only about 60 days.

The embryo of the taenia echinococcus finds its way from the stomach or intestine into a vein passing to the liver, and, settling itself in the liver, causes so much disturbance there that a capsule of inflammatory material forms around it.

The tapeworm most frequently found in man in Western Europe is the Taenia solium, which is constant wherever pork is consumed, and is more common in parts where raw or imperfectly cooked pork is eaten.

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Man himself, as well as other mammals, is the intermediate host of the dangerous parasite, Taenia echinococcus, in countries where cleanliness is neglected; the pig is the host of Taenia solium, and other cases may be seen from the table at the end of this article.