Sentence Examples with the word Tad

Little gray haired Effie wore a perpetual smile on her pretty face, a tad on the silly side but charming nonetheless, in a bewildered sort of way.

I tried to remain objective but I'm forced to admit, the assemblage made me feel a tad tetchy.

Effie choked a tad on her cookie at the enthusiasm of her rambling and asked for a glass of milk.

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His hair was a tad past barbering time and he wore polished black shoes and black socks, inconsistent with the rest of his attire.

Fred O'Connor seemed a tad put out that he'd been absent from the final confrontation in the Lucky Pup Mine until Dean reminded him that without his Internet connection and library research, Martha's bones would still be without identity.

Jerome held Donnie's hand while his other arm was about Edith's shoulder, in a grasp that looked to Dean a tad too tight for simple affection.

It was before 6:30 so the early bird special was in effect, making the meal a tad cheaper than he'd figured.

Fred displayed a tad more interest in the mysterious find than the prior evening.

Boston was a tad rowdy back then and we were kind of young and frisky ourselves.

Evelyn leaned to whisper to Romas, whose response was a tad too long for Kiera's impatient bladder.