Sentence Examples with the word Tactile

Thelyphonus and its allies, however, have a long tactile caudal flagellum, the homologue of the scorpion's sting; but its exact use is unknown.

In their simpler condition they are long and many-jointed, the segments bearing numerous olfactory and tactile nerve-endings.

In addition to the eyes and the olfactory circle on the head scattered tactile papillae are found on the ectoderm.

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There is, I am told, tactile memory as well as visual and aural memory.

T, Tactile hairs springing from surface of body.

Sometimes the pair of appendages has not a merely tactile jointed ramus, but is converted into a claw or clasper.

As she became acquainted with her surroundings through the sense of feeling (I use the word in the broadest sense, as including all tactile impressions), she felt more and more the pressing necessity of communicating with those around her.

Coxal (maxillary) process, the apical segment tipped with a single movable or immovable claw; appendages of 3rd pair different from the remainder, tactile in function, with at least the apical segment many-jointed and clawless.

Finally, as touch perceives reciprocal pressure within, and tactile inference infers it without, touch is the primary evidence of the senses which is the foundation and logical ground of our belief in Nature as a system of pressing bodies.

Each palpacle is a tactile filament, very extensile, without accessory filaments or nematocysts.