Sentence Examples with the word Tack

For hours, in fall days, I watched the ducks cunningly tack and veer and hold the middle of the pond, far from the sportsman; tricks which they will have less need to practise in Louisiana bayous.

Among the industrial establishments of the city are stove and range factories, flour mills, rolling mills, distilleries, breweries, shoe factories, copper refining works, nail and tack factories, glass works and agricultural implement factories.

With a swift motion, she sent the combination skyward where tack and bill joined the hundreds of others while she deftly caught the falling quarter to the cheers of the dinners.

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He ran his hand through his curly hair and closed the door to the tack room.

Being apprehensive that the French centre would tack and pass this gap so as to put him between two fires, he kept a long way off so as to be free to manoeuvre against them if they made the attempt.

It had been converted to a tack room but the faucet was handy for watering the horses.

When you want to use an e-mail name that might be already taken, you tack on a number to make it unique.

She left the tack room door open while she stacked the newest delivery of hay.