Sentence Examples with the word Tabulated

The salts tabulated are those of which the equivalent conductivity reaches a limiting value indicating that complete ionization is reached as dilution is increased.

The results for each province or large state are tabulated locally, by districts or linguistic divisions.

These may be tabulated concisely as follows: I.

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Decimal or Briggian Antilogarithms. - In the ordinary tables of logarithms the natural numbers are all integers, while the logarithms tabulated are incommensurable.

The use of quadrature-formulae is important in actuarial work, where the fundamental tables are based on experience, and the formulae applying these tables involve the use of the tabulated values and their differences.

The succession of archaeological types revealed in them has been tabulated by Petrie in his Diospolis Parva; and the detailed publication of Reisners unusually careful researches is bringing much new light on the questions involved, amongst other things showing the exact point at which the prehistoric series merges into the 1st Dynasty, for, as might be surmised, in many cases the prehistoric cemeteries continued in use under the earliest dynasties.

Historical records were searched for references to past meteoric displays, and these were tabulated and compared.

The arm-muscles have been studied in an absolutely exhaustive manner by Fiirbringer, who in his monumental work has tabulated and then scrutinized the chief characters of fourteen selected muscles.

A discrepancy between a calculated and tabulated result will serve to show the influence of a slight change a in the coefficient of reduction n, and the muzzle velocity V.

From the resulting elements of the orbit the positions of the body from day to day may be computed and tabulated in an ephemeris for the use of observers.