Sentence Examples with the word Tableaux

Klaproth's other works include: Reise in den Kaukasus and Georgien in den Jahren 1807 and 1808 (Halle, 1812-1814; French translation, Paris, 1823); Geographisch-historische Beschreibung des ostlichen Kaukasus (Weimar, 1814); Tableaux historiques de l'Asie (Paris, 1826); Memoires relatifs a l'Asie (Paris, 1824-1828); Tableau historique, geographique, ethnographique et politique de Caucase (Paris, 1827); and Vocabulaire et grammaire de la langue georgienne (Paris, 1827).

The roar of guns, that had not ceased for ten hours, wearied the ear and gave a peculiar significance to the spectacle, as music does to tableaux vivants.

In 1806 Fischer de Waldheim, in his Tableaux syn- optiques de zoognosie (p. 181), quoting Nieremberg, extended his figure of speech, and, while justly deprecating the notion that the series of forms belonging to any particular group of creatures - the Mammalia was that whence he took his instance - could be placed in a straight line, imagined the various genera to be arrayed in a series of contiguous circles around Man as a centre.

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He caused engravings to be made, at his own expense, of Bartoli's copies from ancient pictures and published Nouveaux sujets de peinture et de sculpture (1755) and Tableaux tires de l'Iliade, de l'Odysse, et de l'Eneide (1757).