Sentence Examples with the word TV

Bigger than TV and cars and anything that has come before it.

Just once, I'd like one of these so-called TV vampires to come out and tell people it's all fake, Laurie said.

Jonathan was sitting on his bed, watching TV in his pajamas.

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Like a TV star that doesn't scale back his expenses after his show is cancelled, these benefits expand, not contract, during periods of economic decline, for two main reasons.

Neither. It must be some movie I saw on TV or a book I read a long time ago.

Everything was overturned or shredded, from the furniture to the bookshelves to the TV lying on its face.

There's a TV in the family room or books you can read.

It'd be kinda nice to just think about fishing and TV and not having to wonder what suit is all over my ass because of some dumb new rule.

It's as safe as watching TV and a darned sight more fun.

Let 'em arrest me if they think they have a case but I'm not making any schedule to accommodate some jerk's whim to play TV cop.