Sentence Examples with the word TRIPARTITE

Osborn, the tripartite reptilian condyle, by the loss of its median element, has given rise to the paired mammalian condyles; so that this difficulty disappears.

Joseph Gvadanyi's tripartite work Falusi notdrius (Village Notary), published between 1790 and 1796, as also his Ronto Pal es gr.

Gwynn, Liber Ardmachanus; Whitley Stokes, The Tripartite Life of St Patrick (London, 1887); N.

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Accra preserves the distinctions of James Town, Ussher Town and Christiansborg, indicative of its tripartite origin.

The four great continental masses therefore give the ocean a distinctly tripartite form, the three great divisions being known as the Atlantic, the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, all three running together into one around Antarctica.

To explain how one and the same being could have various forms of manifestation, he pointed to the tripartite nature of man (body, soul, spirit), and to the sun, which manifests itself as a heavenly body, as a source of light and also as a source of warmth.

Thus (1), it has been said that - whereas the continental canon law recognized a quadripartite division of Church revenue of common right between (a) the bishop, (b) the clergy, (c) the poor, (d) the fabric - the English law maintained a tripartite division - (a) clergy, (b) the poor, (c) the fabric. Lord Selborne (Ancient Facts and Fictions concerning Churches and Tithes, 2nd ed., 1892) denies that there was any division of tithe in England.

The earl of Northumberland took refuge in Wales, and the tripartite alliance of Owen with Percy and Mortimer (transferred by Shakespeare to an earlier occasion) threatened a renewal of danger.

The electrolysis takes place in the central compartment of a tripartite trough which can be made to rock slightly either to one side or the other.