Sentence Examples with the word TRAVERSE

Sperm ducts traverse several segments on their way to exterior.

The Comau Inlet and river form the boundary line between the provinces of Llanquihue and Chiloe, and traverse a densely wooded country in a northwesterly direction from the Andes to the north-eastern shore of the Gulf of Chacao.

There was little fertile land among the cliff-dominated territory, little at all he could see as being a reason to traverse the small territory let alone labor to build an alliance against it.

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The spermatozoa enter it and pass through its walls and traverse a minute duct formed of two accessory cells, and finally enter the ripe ovum.

Notwithstanding their complete subjection, women are treated with a certain respect, and are often employed as intermediaries in the settlement of feuds; a woman may traverse a hostile district without fear of injury, and her bessa will protect the traveller or the stranger.

TRAVERSE CITY, the county-seat of Grand Traverse county, Michigan, U.S.A., on the Boardman river, between Boardman Lake and the west arm of Grand Traverse Bay, in the N.W.

For even the high lifted and chivalric Crusaders of old times were not content to traverse two thousand miles of land to fight for their holy sepulchre, without committing burglaries, picking pockets, and gaining other pious perquisites by the way.

All the longest routes thus formed traverse late in their course the cortex of the cerebral hemisphere.

Giving him a few minutes to traverse the drive, she got up and went into the kitchen.

Although the flint nodules often lie in bands which closely follow the bedding, they were not deposited simultaneously with the chalk; very often the flint bands cut across the beds of the limestone and may traverse them at right angles.