Sentence Examples with the word TRANSFERENCE

The meaning was soon enlarged to include any place where travellers could be lodged or entertained, and also by transference the person who provided lodgings, and so one who goes on before a party to secure suitable lodgings in advance.

This is practically the transference of Iranian dualism to the more Greek antithesis of soul and body, spirit and matter (cf.

The plane through the radius of the weight containing the axis OX is railed the axial plane because it contains the forces forming the couple due to the transference of F to the reference plane.

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This is what historians of the first class say--those who assume the unconditional transference of the people's will.

Army command, whose initial requests were granted at once, the transference of two brigades to the Isonzo front being countermanded, and four additional brigades being placed at Brusati's disposal.

The motive for this change does not appear, and we are equally ignorant of the cause which prompted his transference of the priesthood from his nominee to another son of Annas in 37.

The works may really have been written by one Boetius, a bishop of Africa, as Jourdain supposes, or by some Saint Severinus, as Nitzsch conjectures, and the similarity of name may have aided the transference of them to the heathen or neutral Boetius.

On his father's transference to Berlin, as director of the mint, the boy was sent to the Joachimsthal gymnasium there; his brilliant talents, however, did not develop until later, when at the university of Konigsberg he fell under the influence of Kant.

On his return, he outlined to Parliament a scheme by which the cost might be greatly reduced, mainly through the transference of authority to Arab chiefs.

Political differences, and the transference of the council to Bologna in 1547, brought the pope into sharp collision with the emperor, who now attempted by means of the Interim to regulate the religious affairs of Germany according to his wishes - but in vain.