Sentence Examples with the word TOWN

Although his de facto sovereignty was confined to the town of Laon and to some places in the north of France, Louis displayed a zeal beyond his years in procuring the recognition of his authority by his turbulent vassals.

The island of Lipari contains the chief town (population in 1901, 5855), which bears the same name and had municipal rights in Roman times.

The plateau, on whose centre stands the town of Ajmere, may be considered as the highest point in the plains of Hindustan; from the circle of hills which hem it in, the country slopes away on every side - towards river valleys on the east, south, west and towards the desert region on the north.

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Gueret, a town of central France, capital of the department of Creuse, situated on a mountain declivity 48 m.

In the town are cotton factories and a tannery.

The older portion of the town is still surrounded, on the north and east, by its ancient, though dilapidated medieval walls, and is a labyrinth of steep and dirty streets.

On the western outskirts lies the town of Ringwood.

The Werra and Fulda are both navigable when they unite to form the Weser, the Fulda being canalized between Cassel and the town of Fulda for a distance of 17 m.; the Aller, Wiimme, Geeste and Hunte are also navigable.

OSTIA, an ancient town and harbour of Latium, Italy, at the mouth of the river Tiber on its left bank.

The town stands on a rocky height commanding views of Pindus and Olympus; the approaching slopes are richly wooded, and traversed by picturesque waterfalls, from which the name of Vodena (Slav.