Sentence Examples with the word TOT

They possess the principle of individuation in themselves, he teaches, but plurality of individuals is in such a case equivalent to plurality of species (in eis tot sunt species quot sunt individua).

Kluit, Historie der Hollandsche Staatsregering tot 1 795 (5 vols., 1802-1805); G.

De Geer, Bijdragen tot de Geschied.

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De Potter, Gent van den oudsten tijd tot heden (6 vols., Ghent, 1883-1891); Van Duyse, Gand monumental et pittoresque (Brussels, 1886); de Vlaminck, Les Origines de la vale de Gand (Brussels, 1891); Annales Gandenses, ed.

Peculiarities of the skeleton or portions of the skeleton of certain birds - one of the most remarkable of which is that on the component parts of the foot (pp. tot - toy) pointing out the aberration from the ordinary structure exhibited by the Goatsucker (Caprimulgus) and the Swift (Cypselus) - an aberration which, if rightly understood, would have conveyed a warning to those ornithological systematists who put their trust in birds' toes for characters on which to.

The Society for Public Welfare (Maatschappij tot nut van het Algemeen), founded in 1785, has for its object the promotion of the education and improvement of all classes, and has branches in every part of Holland.

Other works by Tiele are: De Godsdienst van Zarathustra, van het Ontstaan in Baktrie, tot den Val van het Oud-Perzische Rijk (1864) a work now embodied, but much enlarged and improved by the latest researches of the author, in the History of Religions (vol.

Each was a father to three kids, aged between tot and teenager.