Sentence Examples with the word TIPS

You're thankful for any and all tips and investigate them regardless of source.

The whole pot, with its contents of viscous glass, is then removed bodily from the furnace by means of huge tongs and is transported to a crane, which grips the pot, raises it, and ultimately tips it over so as to pour the glass upon the slab of the rolling-table.

Betsy is great at research and Martha works with Howie, assembles the tips and can deliver them.

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This ought to help the credibility issue; there's more to some tips than the police know, but haven't made public because it would enforce credence in a psychic connection for the tip.

Frost-bite is particularly apt to attack the feet, the hands, and the tips of the ears.

Each has a small calyx in the form of a shallow rim, sometimes five-lobed or toothed; five petals, which cohere by their tips and form a cap or hood, which is pushed off when the stamens are ripe; and five free stamens, placed opposite the petals and springing from a fleshy ring or disk surrounding the ovary; each bears a twocelled anther.

Other members of the defense bar would surely look closely if their clients were apprehended because of unverifiable tips and assail the source, if they could locate it.

The article was somewhat tongue in cheek in its assessment of paranormal powers but insisted the tips defied coincidence.

The article attempted objectivity, documenting several of the cases on which our tips proved fruitful.

In Ireland and the southern districts of Sweden it is permanently of a light fulvous grey colour, with black tips to the ears, but in more northerly districts the fur - except the black ear-tips - changes to white in winter, and still farther north the animal appears to be white at all seasons of the year.