Sentence Examples with the word TIMBER

The only timber in ordinary use obtained from the Himalaya proper is the deodar, Cedrus deodara.

As a substitute for timber props at the face, pieces of steel joists, with the web cut out for a short distance on either end, with the flanges turned back to give a square bearing surface, have been introduced.

Dorohoi is a market for the timber and farm produce of the north Moldavian highlands; merchants from the neighbouring states flock to its great fair, held on the 12th of June.

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Of woodland; great quantities of merchantable timber still remained, especially in the Mountain Region and on the Coastal Plain.

It may be supposed that originally the public roads, when worn by the cartage of the coal, were repaired by laying planks of timber at the bottom of the ruts, and that then the planks were laid on the surface of special roads or ways' formed between the collieries and the river.

Notwithstanding serious obstacles offered by shallows, corn, fish, salt and timber are largely shipped to and from Archangel.

Calarashi has a considerable transit trade in wheat, linseed, hemp, timber and fish from a broad mere on the west or from the Danube.

Boucherie, a Frenchman, originated a system in which the sap is expelled from the timber under pressure, and a strong solution of copper sulphate is then injected at the end of the wood.

Bees can excavate timber and make their brood-chambers in hollow plant-stems.

The compression members being generally of timber and the tension members of steel.