Sentence Examples with the word THIEF

He might think you're a sneak thief and shoot you with that big gun he carries.

Cynthia felt first anger and then violation that a thief had entered their private quarters.

Otherwise he would be adjudged a thief and die.

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The Solenopsis can make its way into the territory of the Formica to steal the larvae which serve it as food, but the Formica is too large to pursue the thief when it returns to its own galleries.

A written roll flies over the Holy Land; this is a concrete representation of the curse which in future will fall of itself on all crime, so that, e.g., no man who has suffered theft will have occasion himself to pronounce a curse against the thief (cf.

Nor could the prophet so far forget himself in his allegory as to speak of a victorious host as entering the conquered city like a thief (ii.

The petition was refused and was condemned as scandalous, and Franklin, who took upon himself the responsibility for the publication of the letters, in the hearing before the privy council at the Cockpit on the 29th of January 1 774 was insulted and was called a thief by Alexander Wedderburn (the solicitor-general, who appeared for Hutchinson and Oliver), and was removed from his position as head of the post office in the American colonies.

There were no poor in his dominions, no thief or robber, no flatterer or miser, no dissensions, no lies, and no vices.

The criminal laws were of extreme severity, even petty theft being punished by the thief being enslaved to the person he had robbed, while to steal a tobacco pouch or twenty ears of corn was death; he who pilfered in the market was then and there beaten to death, and he who insulted Xipe, the god of the goldand silversmiths, by stealing his precious metal, was skinned alive and sacrificed to the offended deity.