Sentence Examples with the word THEN

He then undertook the management of his father's factory in Newcastle, and greatly aided him in the improvement of the locomotives.

But for a long period past the freshwater streams (which predominate) have been used for irrigation to such a degree that very little of the precious water is allowed to run to waste into the lake basins; so that these latter receive only a few salt streams, which deposit on their surface the salt they contain and then evaporate.

He saw the frightened and then infuriated face of the dragoon who dealt the blow, the look of silent, timid reproach that boy in the fur-lined coat had turned upon him.

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Katie arranged the bedding and pillows around his still form and then retrieved his stuffed animals out of his bedroom.

The chain dips below the water, then rises into the furnace and passes down into the other trough on its way out.

On returning to Gorki after having seen Prince Andrew, Pierre ordered his groom to get the horses ready and to call him early in the morning, and then immediately fell asleep behind a partition in a corner Boris had given up to him.

The Church, too, never failed to oppose itat first not so much on account of her own ambitions as in a more Christian spiritand proceeded to weaken the royal jurisdiction by repeated interventions on behalf of those under sentence, afterwards depriving it of authority over the clergy, and then setting up ecclesiastical tribunals in opposition to those held by the dukes and counts.

It may be separated by shaking out with dilute sulphuric acid, and then precipitating the sulphuric acid solution with potassium bichromate, the resulting acridine bichromate being decomposed by ammonia.

A visit to southern Italy, where many of the princes did homage to the emperor, was cut short by the death of the pope, to whose chair Otto then appointed his former tutor Gerbert, who took the name of Sylvester II.

In the greater part of its course it is a transverse slit, but in traversing the glans it enlarges considerably to form the fossa navicularis, and here, in transverse section, it looks like an inverted T (1), then an inverted Y (A), and finally at its opening '-'uNtAT and Adolf (1806-1871), and his grandsons Johann Adolf and Oskar Philipp.