Sentence Examples with the word THEME

In 890 they established themselves again at Ban, and ruled the Theme of Lombardy by means of an officer entitled Catapan.

As to the origin of this Matiere de Bretagne, and the circumstances under which it became a favourite theme for literary treatment, two diametrically opposite theories are held.

The TV theme was recorded in a wonderfully eccentric studio, which looked like a throwback to the 60s.

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The antagonism between free labour and slave labour became the theme of many of his speeches.

An ambitious didactic composition in hexameters, entitled Urania, embodying the astronomical science of the age, and adorning this high theme with brilliant mythological episodes, won the admiration of Italy.

Their own poems soon became the theme of criticism and of comment; and, by the time of Quintilian and Juvenal, they shared the fate (which Horace had feared) of becoming textbooks for use in schools.

The waters of the Rhine change into black mists which grow grey and thin, while the now sinister theme becomes softer and smoother.

In modern times the work has been the theme of a generous appreciation in several pages of Humboldt's Cosmos (ii.

The cities of Gaeta and Naples, Sicily and the so-called Theme of Lombardy in South Apulia and Calabria, still recognized the Byzantine emperor.

In 1608 she appeared at court, where her beauty soon attracted admiration and became the theme of the poets, her suitors including the dauphin, Maurice, prince of Orange, Gustavus Adolphus, Philip III.