Sentence Examples with the word TESTING

An inspector is required to hold a certificate of qualification, and for his guidance general regulations are made by his local authority as to modes of testing weights, measures and weighing instruments.

She'd been testing him several times a day, astonished to learn just how quickly he was growing into his new powers.

He pushed up his eye-band, testing the chamber's darkness through squinted eyes before opening them.

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Honda, measured the changes of length of various metals shaped in the form of ovoids instead of cylindrical rods, and determined the magnetization curves for the same specimens; a higher degree of accuracy was thus attained, and satisfactory data were provided for testing theories.

These high saponification values are due to the presence of (glycerides of) volatile fatty acids, and are of extreme usefulness to the analyst, especially in testing butter-fat for added margarine and other fats.

Nishani started with small adjustments to the battle before her, as if testing for the results of her decisions.

Engines specially designed for testing are usually provided with a brake wheel having a trough-shaped rim.

Unconsciously she immediately invented a reason for going down, and then, testing her strength, ran upstairs again, observing the result.

He guided the horse with his legs, testing its sluggish responsiveness as the attackers prepared to pounce.

In civilized countries provision is made by law for the testing of the flash-point or fire-test of lamp-oil (illuminating oil or kerosene), the method of testing and the minimum limit of flash-point or fire-test being prescribed (see below, Legislation).