Sentence Examples with the word TESTED

Rank is nominally determined by merit, as tested by competitive examinations.

His voice was gravelly from lack of use, and his arms and legs felt heavy as he tested them.

She tested it as she walked to see how much effort it would take to control.

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The experimental results agreed in sign though not in magnitude with those calculated from the changes produced by simple longitudinal magnetization, discrepancies being partly accounted for by the fact that the metals employed were not actually isotropic. Heusler's alloy has been tested for change of length by L.

The passage of the fluid is readily effected by negative pressure produced by an ordinary water exhaust-pump.The P Y Y effects of the filtrate are then tested by the methods used in pharmacology.

In the same way the doctrines of the classical economists may be adapted by interpretation clauses and qualifications the exact force of which cannot be tested or explained, so that we do not know whether the original proposition is to be considered substantially correct or not.

The Jewish texts, once the infallible basis of history, are now tested by the libraries of Babylon, from which they were partly drawn, and Hebrew history sinks into its proper place in the wide horizon of antiquity.

It really did hurt to think that Darkyn outright tested others and they failed when it came to her.

It is evident that we have in this law a definite prediction that can be tested by experiment.

He tested the waters by broaching the subject.