Sentence Examples with the word TERRITORY

Perry's naval victory on the 10th of September 1813, Harrison no longer had to remain on the defensive; he advanced to Detroit, re-occupied the territory surrendered by General William Hull, and on the 5th of October administered a crushing defeat to Proctor at the battle of the Thames.

Holden, Recorded Earthquakes in California, Lower California, Oregon, and Washington Territory (California State University, 1887); United States Department Agriculture, Weather Bureau, Bulletins, No.

The state was never the scene of active military operations during the 1 This acquisition of foreign territory by joint resolution instead of by treaty was followed in the case of Hawaii in 1898.

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Nevertheless he consolidated French influence in Annam and Cambodia, and secured a large accession of territory on the Mekong river from the kingdom of Siam.

The AustroGerman alliance of 1879 formally guaranteed the territory of the contracting parties, but Austria could not count upon effectual help from Germany in case of war, since Russian attack upon Austria would certainly have been followed by French attack upon Germany.

The capabilities of the company's territory are only dimly known.

Lat., which was a compromise though it gave the greater part of the territory to Argentina.

The Balkan States - Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Montenegro - regarded themselves as the dispossessed owners of Ottoman territory in Europe.

Rumania begins on the seaward side with a band of territory called the Dobrudja; and broadens westward into the form of a blunted crescent, its northern horn being called Moldavia, its southern Walachia.

Hence, it is plain that in late Tertiary, and probably also in Post-Tertiary, times the AraloCaspian Sea covered a vast expanse of territory and embraced very large islands (e.g.