Sentence Examples with the word TERMINAL

TipX terminal antennal segment with antennal organ.

At terminal stations, especially at such as are used by short-distance trains which arrive at and start from the same platform, a third track is often laid between a pair of platform tracks, so that the engine of a train which has arrived at the platform can pass out and place itself at the other end of the train, which remains undisturbed.

The Danube, joined by the Iller just above the town and by the Blau just below, here becomes navigable, so that Ulm occupies the important commercial position of a terminal river-port.

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The thecae uniserial (monoprionidian) - t here is a gradation from earlier groups with many branches to later groups with only two; and from species in which all the branches and' their thecae are directed downwards, through species in which the branches become bent back more and more outwards and upwards, until in some the terminal thecae open almost vertically.

The embryonic ectoderm of an insect consists of a layer of cells forming a continuous structure, the orifices in it - mouth, spiracles, anus and terminal portions of the genital ducts - being invaginations of the outer wall.

The French, after their occupation of the city (1830), built a rampart, parapet and ditch, with two terminal forts, Bab Azoun to the south and Bab-el-Oued to the north.

In the vast majority of winged insects the terminal part of the genital system (vagina and ductus ejaculatorius) is unpaired and ectodermal.

The shape of the legs and the absence of paired terminal claws in the Silurian Palaeophonus (see figs.

It is the terminal station of the Cambrian railway, and also of the Manchester and Milford line.

These bones, although separate, have their adjacent surfaces more closely applied than is the case in the latter; while in this and the earlier genera the terminal toe-bones indicate that the foot was of the normal hoofed type.