Sentence Examples with the word TENSILE STRENGTH

It is, however, principally a cordage fibre, and in tensile strength it is second only to manila hemp; but it does not bear well the alternations of wet and dry to which ship-ropes are subject.

Hence, as with the progressive transfer of the carbon from the graphitic to the cementite state in our imaginary series of cast irons, the combined carbon present in the matrix increases, so does the tensile strength of the mass as a whole for two reasons; first, because the strength of the matrix itself is increasing (DE), and second, because the discontinuity is decreasing with the decreasing proportion of graphite.

As regards both tensile strength and ductility not only the quantity but the distribution of the graphite is of great importance.

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Schleissen, to split), in geology, a fissile, fine-grained argillaceous rock which cleaves or splits readily into thin slabs having great tensile strength and durability.

Third, the tensile strength of steel proper, of which the matrix consists, as we have already seen (fig.

On this account it is usual to neglect the tensile strength of concrete in designing structures, and to arrange the material in such a way that tensile stresses are avoided.

For hoisting in deep shafts, and to reduce the weight of rope, tempered-steel wire of very high tensile strength (up to 250,000 or 275,000 lb ultimate strength per sq.

Most metals when molten are capable of dissolving at least small proportions of carbon, which, in general, leads to a deterioration in metallicity, except in the case of iron, which by the addition of small percentages of carbon gains in elasticity and tensile strength with little loss of plasticity (see Iron).

But it is difficult and expensive to work up into various forms. Concrete has been avoided for making beams, slabs and thin walls, just because its deficiency in tensile strength doomed it to failure in such structures.

It will have, when freshly burned, a specific gravity not lower than 3.15, and briquettes made from it and kept in water will possess a tensile strength of 400-500 lb per sq.