Sentence Examples with the word TEMPORALITIES

There was always the tendency for clerics in such cases to invest their sons with the temporalities of the Church; and the poonani synod convened by Benedict VIII.

They were never mere royal officials, but peers of parliament, holding their temporalities as baronies under the crown.

In the same session Gladstone spoke on the question of bribery and corruption at Liverpool, and on the temporalities of the Irish Church.

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By keeping these distinctions in view, the right of patronage in the case of secular benefices becomes intelligible, being in fact the right, which was originally vested in the donor of the temporalities, to present to the bishop a clerk to be admitted, if found fit by the bishop, to the office to which those temporalities are annexed.

Refused to give him the temporalities of the see, the king favouring the candidature of Robert Passelewe (d.

The advocati were often great barons who added their function of protector of an abbey to their own temporal sovereignty; whereas the vidames were usually petty nobles, who exercised their office in strict subordination to the bishop. Their chief functions were: to protect the temporalities of the see, to represent the bishop at the count's court of justice, to exercise the bishop's temporal jurisdiction in his name (placitum or curia vice-domini) and to lead the episcopal levies to war.

Was permitted to see after the loss of his temporalities entirely harmonize with this character.

The pope followed up this breve by appointing a congregation of cardinals to take possession of the temporalities of the Society, and armed it with summary powers against all who should attempt to retain or conceal any of the property.

It was highly undesirable that the advantages and revenues accruing from lay investiture should be surrendered; it was reasonable that ecclesiastics should receive investiture of temporalities from their temporal protectors and suzerains.

After his death those members of the Anglican community who objected to the constitution of the provincial church maintained their organization while the temporalities were placed in the hands of curators.