Sentence Examples with the word TEE

The town's promenaders were clothed in sweaters at most, with only tee shirts adequate in the brilliant sun.

There was a large man's tee shirt lying on the floor and I hurriedly put it on.

Instead, I finished it, while still holding on to my beloved tee shirt.

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She wore a tee shirt with no bra, perhaps in some vague attempt to emulate Penny, but with only a fraction of the appropriate equipment.

She inspected a tee shirt of mine, sniffed it with disgust, and tossed it into a trash can across the room.

I could barely make out the emblem on the front of the Harvard Tee shirt it was so drenched in blood.

She was dressed in her Harvard tee shirt and pajama bottoms.

As for Luke the Fluke, he sounds like John Luke Grasso to a tee and a prime suspect for killing my friend's sister.

Mostly what's under it, but you should toss that tee shirt.

The last century Ouray sold flesh, this century it's tee shirts.